Can Autonomous Vehicles Become Profitable Without PlasmaENGINE®?

Can Autonomous Vehicles Become Profitable Without PlasmaENGINE®?

Last year, we talked about the Extreme Data Challenges of the connected car. In this post, we’ll examine the data challenges of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs).

Safety is the paramount concern for automakers and technology companies as they forge the autonomous driving path, but according to Michelle Avary, head of autonomous mobility at the World Economic Forum, creating a technology and business model that can make money also presents an enormous challenge for manufacturers

Estimates vary when it comes to daily autonomous vehicle data creation, but all estimates are substantial. Tuxera, a world-leading file systems and storage software company out of Finland, crunched public numbers made available by Waymo’s test cars and estimated that one test vehicle creates between 11 TB and 152 TB of data per day. Another study by EnterpriseAI estimated each autonomous vehicle will generate between 5 TB and 20 TB per day. According to Accenture, test AVs generate between 4 and 10 TBs of data per day, which is equivalent to the data generated by ~6,200 internet users. 

According to Accenture, test AVs generate between 4 and 10 TBs of data per day, which is equivalent to the data generated by ~6,200 internet users.

Considering all of this data must be received, stored, protected, and analyzed in real-time – while being retained for research and legal information – cost-efficient data processing is a fundamental obstacle for autonomous vehicle manufacturers looking to maximize profits in the AV space. specializes in data processing efficiency and works with companies to find solutions to fit their data processing needs. In addition to optimizing CPU-based data processing pipelines, also created the first data processing software architected to harness the power of GPUs: PlasmaENGINE®.

By writing incredibly efficient software that fully takes advantage of the thousands of cores on a single GPU, PlasmaENGINE® has transformed data processing from the old batch world of “collect → store → process” to the new real-time streaming paradigm of “collect → process → store”. In turn, customers have slashed infrastructure bills by up to 75% when combining’s expertise and solutions. 

In the new world of autonomous vehicles, it doesn’t make sense for manufacturers to batch process data. PlasmaENGINE® provides a solution to that problem.

The challenges for AV leaders are many. After they decide whether to use on-premise or cloud infrastructure, they need to figure out how to offload vehicle data and then securely move that data to fully comprehend it. 

With seismic advances occurring every day in data processing, AV companies need an ally when it comes to architecting best practices for their data.

Autonomous vehicles aren’t far from tackling their first hurdle (safety). When they’re ready to hit the streets, they’ll need a partner to handle their data processing challenges. That partner is 

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