For years, businesses have been hindered by CPU-based data processing

Data generation increases exponentially year over year, but the way we process data has remained unchanged for almost a decade. Until now.

FASTDATAIO is one of the most innovative AI start-ups that we have seen using GPUs and our CUDA platform to provide true real-time stream processing.

Vice President of Business Development, NVIDIA

Hyperbatch Efficiency

By exploiting the massive parallel processing power of GPUs, FASTDATAIO has created the most efficient stream and hyperbatch processing engine in the world today.

Unlock GPU Power

PlasmaENGINE® is the first GPU-native software to fully leverage GPUs and Apache Arrow for real-time processing of infinite data in motion, over multiple nodes, with multiple GPUs.

Enter a new paradigm

By porting Apache Spark API to PlasmaENGINE®, we empower you to process your existing Spark API workloads on GPUs without the hassle of changing your code.

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